• There are approximately 390 different species of shark
  • Shark pectoral fins work like aeroplane wings, creating ‘lift’ to determine its depth in the water
  • Cartilage – like our noses and ears – makes up the skeleton of the shark
  • The bull shark is the only shark that can live in both fresh and salt water
  • More people die from bee stings than from shark attacks
  • Sharks can only swim forwards
  • There are 31 different shark species living in British coastal waters
  • Smell is so important to a shark that two thirds of its brain is devoted to processing scent information
  • Dwarf or pigmy sharks are just seven inches long
  • Whale sharks can grow up to 50 feet in length and weigh 20 tonnes
  • A huge oily liver gives sharks almost neutral buoyancy
  • Sharks may have up to 3,000 teeth at any one time
  • More people are struck by lightening each year than are attacked by sharks
  • Mako sharks have been recorded at speeds of 43mph – making them the fastest
  • Hong Kong imports shark fins from 125 countries and exports them to 75 countries
  • Most sharks have around five rows of teeth
  • More people die from coconuts falling on their heads than from shark attacks
  • As the apex predator of the ocean, sharks help maintain the underwater eco system
  • Sharks were around long before dinosaurs walked the earth
  • Some sharks are now close to extinction due to man’s intervention

Only one species can save the shark…man


Sharks a few simple facts

JVC GC-XA1EU Action Camera

JVC GC-XA1EU Action Camera

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